Wide range of services

Import: All types of goods except liquid and gaseous materials, in particular polymers, iron and steel products, wood, construction materials, rubber and rubber products, steel rolls, pipes, machinery, cars and non-ferrous metals.

Export: First of all, the following commodities are being exported: food products, finished and semi-finished goods, household appliances, furniture, paper, cereal products and other industrial products (finished products).
Receiving Capacity: In our current form, our terminal is capable of handling and handling 500- 600,000 tons of goods in incoming and outgoing traffic.

Enlargement Capacity: The current infrastructure accounts for nearly one-third of the total area. In addition to the planned increase in the number of personnel and the expansion of the machine fleet, the capacity of the terminal can be extended considerably.

Increased warehouse

Thanks to our continuous development, we are currently serving tens of thousands of square meters of covered warehouse for our clients

Time saving

Thanks to our constantly growing and maintained machine gun, working time is as short as possible

The most appropriate place

Geographically, our relocation service is located in the most appropriate geographic position.

Costumer focus

By developing customer satisfaction, we are able to meet your specific needs.

Grain transhipment

Transshipment activity

With our new and renewed systems, we are at the disposal of our clients with a continuous large quantity of grain transfer activities.

Special transshipment

On request, with several cranes

Moving, storing, transferring oversized products

Customs Warehouse

Open and covered warehousing services

- Storage and storage of import, export and transit goods
- Storage in closed, indoor and open spaces according to the type and size of the goods and the demand
- Request for permits for ADR / RID cargo types

Railway freight forwarding

Wide and standard gauge

- Ordering and guaranteeing regular (European) and wide (Russian) gauge wagons, private car owners and private railroads.
- Ordering Wide Gauge Cooling Sections
- Charging of freight costs both in Europe and in the CIS section
- Direct and indirect (warehousing, ramp-up) loading operations (loading and unloading)
- It is a year-round activity thanks to our warehouses
- Moving heavy loads
- Tracking on-going shipments

Road freight forwarding

Special and normal road haulage

- Road transport services throughout the EU and in other neighboring countries (CIS, Romania, etc.)
- Road transport of single or bulk cargo
- Road transport of endangered goods

Customs terminal

150 truck parking spaces for simultaneous reception

- Handling customs documents with maximum competence
- Due to the complete customs administration, Záhony customs office and our customs agency
- Accommodation, snack bar, eating facilities, washbasins and showers

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