BLI Industry, Commerce and Service Ltd. General Terms and Conditions for Customs Services

Entry into force: 10 May 2014

General Terms and Conditions for Customs Services

BLI Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MEGBÍZOTT") is a party to the CXXVI of 2003 on the implementation of the Community Customs Code. (hereinafter referred to as the "Customs Code"), in the performance of the contract of employment for the provision of a customs brokerage service, the rights and obligations set out in the "General Terms and Conditions" (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions) , which are binding on the contracting parties in the mandate of the service.

1. The GCTC applies to all contractual relations established by the CONTRACTED for the provision of a customs brokerage service, irrespective of its name, to all legal relationships in which it offers a MERGER customs agency service.
2. The CONTRACTED and CONTRACTING (hereinafter referred to as "CONTRACTING") (collectively, the CONTRACTING PARTIES) may differ from the GCC in a specific contract, in which case this contract must be explicitly mentioned.
3. The General Terms and Conditions and the Annex thereto may be viewed and printed on the OFFICIAL web site ( When concluding a customs brokerage service contract, the CONTRACTOR will receive the GTC free of charge upon request. CONTAINER accepts the terms of the GTC by entering into a contract of sale, acknowledges that the GTC is an inseparable attachment to the contract of engagement.
4. The CONTRIBUTOR reserves the right to modify this GTC and any annexes thereto unilaterally at any time in the applicable legal framework, at any time without prior notice.
5. The amendment will enter into force immediately upon publication of the revised GTC on The title page of the effective GTC contains the date of entry into force.
6. The DISTRIBUTOR is required to check whether the amendment to the GTC has been made before using the service. For any given service or for any activity under the relationship between the FELEK, the GTC in force at the time of the use of the given service, the performance of the activity or the making of a declaration shall be deemed to be valid.
7. The OFFICER acts in the territory of Hungary acting as a representative within the meaning of Article 5 (2) of the Customs Code. The form of representation may be:
- direct when the OFFICER is acting on behalf and in the interest of the CONTRACTOR, or
- indirect when the OFFICER acts in his own name but in the interest of the MERCATOR.
The form of representation is recorded in the contract of engagement.
8. In the representation of the representation, the provisions of the Civil Code concerning representation and mandate shall be governed by the fact that they shall in any case be interpreted without prejudice to customs legislation.
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represented by: László Béres Managing Director, Lászlóné Béres Managing Director
The OFFICED customs agent with the following activity licenses issued by the National Taxation and Customs Administration (hereinafter: the Customs Authority):
• • • • • •
customs agency license
VAT insurance waiver license
authorized clearance permits (electronic customs clearance licenses) temporary storage warehousing permits
customs warehouse license VAT warehouse permits
the following services:
The Ordered Mandate (Authorization) of the Orderer and the documents, certificates, certificates and data required by the CONDUCER for the procedure,
- contribution to customs clearance
= delivery to a normal procedure or as an authorized consignee
= tariff calculation
= Community certificate of origin, proof of status
= customs declaration filling, submission to the customs authorities
= contribution to sampling at sampling
= Request for subsequent processing, modification, correction
= Receipt of the decision issued by the Customs Authority to the CONTRACTOR
- warehousing activities
= temporary storage of non-Community goods
= customs warehouse of non-Community goods in public warehouse "A" = warehousing of Community goods in VAT tax warehouse
The present GTC is defined for the specific service requested by the CLIENT
2. the following documents which form an inseparable part:
"CUSTOMS AUTHORIZATION" for direct or indirect customs representation.
- ESETI (including all data, information on the performance of customs clearance)
- PERMANENT (does not include information on the completion of customs clearance, information is therefore available only on the basis of a separate agreement between the Parties
3. To use the services provided by the CLAUSER to pay the SERVER service fee

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