Established in 1991

BLI Kft. Was established in 1991, mainly export fruit and vegetable export activity, it still has foreign trade, but the product range has been transformed and today it is primarily engaged in logistic activity.
45 senior employees, including a number of highly educated professionals speaking languages.
Our tasks are carried out by 3 cranes and 25 forklifts.

In a few sentences about our company

BLI Kft is an intermodal logistics center 289 km from Budapest and 10 km from Záhony / Chop from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

BLI Ltd. is one of the most well-equipped and fully-trained 100% privately-owned Hungarian enterprises. The location and strategic position of the EU border ensures its exceptional role in transport and between Europe and the CIS and other ex-Soviet states in international traffic.

BLI Ltd. is located in a 650,000 square meter area with a fence along its entire perimeter and within which is a 10 km long network of several normal (European) and wide (Russian) gauge sills.

Our warehouses and ramps are equipped with industrial railways with a total area of ​​80,000 and 30,000 square meters. The area of ​​our refrigerated warehouse is 12,500 square meters and 200,000 square meters of outdoor storage space. The truck terminal for 150 trucks at the same time is located in a nearly 60,000 square meter area.

All warehouses and open-air storage are under constant security surveillance, with internal storage rooms with cameras and alarms.

BLI Kft.

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